NFL and College Football power ratings and stats delivered to your local Las Vegas casino every week.

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Football Tip Sheets

Every week, the Gamblers Book Club delivers weekly tip sheets with previews of upcoming games including predicted scores based on power ratings and the sheet's projected line. Also features key releases and more. Get analysis of spread results by team (NBA, NFL, and NCAA) and other stats.

Football Tip and Stat Sheets

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Basketball Tip Sheets

Every week the Gamblers Book Club stocks the latest tip sheets and books on the NBA and College basketball. Get up to date results of past games including upcoming games with full previews. Professional handicappers give you their picks and analysis of the hottest upcoming games.

Basketball Tip and Stat Sheets

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Where to get tip sheets?

Every week the Gamblers Book Club delivers the latest sports betting tips and sheets to casinos around Las Vegas. Our distribution covers the entire valley ensuring you have access to the tips and picks from legendary handicappers including Marc Lawrence and Phil Steele. Click the button below to see a map of drop points.

Tip Sheet Locations